Living Grace Online Mental Health Small Group

Aug 16, 2022

Living Grace is a group resource created by the Mental Health Grace Alliance and designed to provide health solutions for your heart and mind. Each week you’ll find opportunities to transform your daily life as both scripture and science give you a new perspective and practical tools. Together, group participants will learn strategies to address the challenges that come with living with many mental health difficulties or disorders. 

Journey with Others

Whether you are living with or have recovered from a mental health challenge, or if you’re looking to integrate your mental health and your faith, this fall, the Living Grace mental health small group offers a place to learn and process with others on a similar journey. 

Schedule & Details

We’ll meet on Zoom weekly for eight weeks in the fall, take a break for the holidays, and then resume for another eight weeks in the winter. 
Fall: September 28th through November 16th
Winter: January 11th through March 1st

Each session will begin promptly at 8pm and end at 9:30pm. 

Supporting Materials & Contact Information

The group cost is free, but you will need to purchase either a physical or digital Living Grace booklet. 

If you have additional questions about the group please do not hesitate to contact the group leader, Pastor Ryan, at

Note: This group is not professional therapy and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or replace professional mental health care and/or medical treatment.