Fall Launch 2022

Aug 18, 2022

Check out our freshly curated list of groups, gatherings, events, and courses designed to help you connect to God personally, God’s people, and God’s purposes. 

This fall’s lineup offers a variety of topics to explore with others. Our hope is that you will find a community willing to ask questions with curiosity and engage with honesty, hospitality, humility, and solidarity. We believe we can learn from each other’s experiences and learn about ourselves and God when we gather in community with a shared commitment to grow. 

Most groups or courses will start meeting during the last week of September (with some exceptions), but don’t wait until the last minute to sign up. Some are ongoing events that you can drop in on any time, while others require registration or a time commitment. Register early and start engaging with community today!

Where to Begin?

If you are wondering which group or event might be best for you in this season, or if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, we encourage you to talk to one of our Spiritual Guides or your congregational pastor. Or, consider taking the daily personal inventory to check in with God as you ask where you might grow this season. There are many great options to choose from. Our suggestion? Choose one group to participate in per season.

Connecting to God Personally 


Connecting to God's People


Connecting to God's Purposes