Broken Links Sermon Series and Small Group

Oct 12, 2022

“This link is broken.” We’ve all gotten that frustrating website notification before. We wanted to get somewhere online, but a disconnection or error kept us from it. Broken links aren’t just an issue for web browsing though. They’re an issue for our relationships. God created us for healthy, encouraging, and meaningful relationships. And yet, this hope is often undermined by disconnection, error, misunderstanding, and more. But rather than simply cut one another off, God would have us learn how to fix these links and restore these connections. Join us for our fall sermon series Broken Links: God's Grace for Restoring Relationships as we look at several strained relationships in the Bible and consider how we might follow Jesus into repairing the broken links in our lives. Come join us!

Go Deeper! Check out the series companion for additional readings, podcast suggestions, and discussion questions to be used in a group setting or on your own.

Join a Small Group 

Discuss what you're learning with others and engage with podcasts, readings, and spiritual practices to ask how we can follow God’s invitation to repair our relationships with others and grow a healthy awareness of our own emotional landscape.
Led by Pastor John Mury, this five-week small group will meet on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:00pm on Zoom, beginning October 25th. 
Please register by October 24th to receive the Zoom link.

Questions? Please email Abby at