Worship Band

Music is one of the most significant elements of worship at Highrock. Visit on a Sunday and you'll find yourself in a thoughtfully crafted contemporary worship experience that serves to prepare people for God's Word and give voice to our response to Him. We don't expect everyone who visits Highrock to like the style of music played. For some, it's too loud, and for some, it's not loud enough. But we hope everyone will come to appreciate that what we do is earnest and passionate worship as a community. Our repertoire is carefully chosen by our worship leaders and ranges from the most current contemporary worship songs to new arrangements of traditional hymns.

The worship band is a team of musicians who serve the Highrock community by leading it in worship through music. As a ministry, we're more than just a band. We believe God is our audience and our mission is to create a safe environment where people can encounter God and respond to Him. Therefore, our measure of success is not merely in how good we sound (although we believe that's important too!), but whether we and those attending Sunday services are being led into an ever deepening communion with God.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate and teachable singers, musicians, and sound engineers to join our team.

To learn more about getting involved, contact our Worship Director, Arthur Shum at arthurs@highrock.org


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