Women's Community

Calling All Women!

If you’re a woman age 18 to 118, no matter who you are or where you're from, Highrock can be a place for you to connect and grow. While we can learn so much from being in community with both men and women, the Women's Community creates spaces specifically for women so that we can more freely connect, share our stories, serve the church, and encourage one another to go out and love our neighbors.


Join the very active Women at Highrock Facebook group for a word of encouragement, prayer support, or the occasional cat video. There you will also find ample opportunity to chat (via Zoom or in -person) with other women in order to give and receive advice, encouragement and be challenge to live out your calling as a woman of faith. In addition, throughout the year, the Women's Community hosts several Small Groups that offer a chance to learn more about who God is and get to know a few other women more deeply.

For more information or to register for upcoming events, contact Co-Director LeLe at leleh@highrock.org

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