Spread the Hope

Highrock Church
Apr 12, 2020


We have an opportunity to spread the hope while we stay home to slow the spread of the virus! Perhaps more than ever, our culture is battling fear, anxiety, and despair. The pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives, and left many of us wondering where we can find hope in the midst of such a difficult and exhausting time. 

But we were reminded again this Easter that the death and resurrection of Jesus give us cause to be hopeful! Jesus has overcome evil, injustice, and death forever. And as we have received that hope from Him, we are now at a place to offer it to others- even from within our own homes.

We believe that God is working new and powerful ways around us. So you are invited to join us in our #spreadthehope campaign! Here’s how it works in four simple steps:


Identify the people who are on your heart at this time.They could be friends, coworkers, neighbors, family, health professionals. Anyone who you think needs hope right now!


Pray for the people who are on your heart. Ask God to bless them, to protect and provide for them, and to make His presence known to them. Then ask God how you can bring hope into their lives at this moment.

Spread the Hope!

In light of what you sense God saying, take a step and act! There are so many meaningful ways this could happen.

A Few Ideas for Spreading Hope
  • Reach out and ask how they are doing. Set aside time to really listen.
  • What are your gifts, talents, and passions? How could they be used to serve people virtually? This could mean hosting a virtual cooking class, book club, exercise group, game night, improv group, charades party, or anything else! The possibilities are endless.
  • Use a delivery service to provide some food or treats to let them know you are thinking about them. Maybe do a call over dinner together.
  • Check in with your elderly or at-risk neighbors. Do they need groceries or other materials? If they are alone, how can let them know you are present with them in this moment?
  • Do a fun and uplifting art project with your kids and share it with those around you by displaying it in a prominent place or sending people photos of it.
  • Talk with your small group or other friends to dream up a way of doing something bigger than you could do on your own!

Share the Hope

Let’s encourage one another with all these stories of hope, because we all need to be reminded of hope ourselves! We want to celebrate together; let your friends celebrate with you, and let Highrock staff know so we can be celebrating too! 

If you want to share your story over social media, please use the hashtag #spreadthehope, and tag us at @highrockcambridge

Hope & Soap

Want some ideas and encouragement as you spread the hope? Check out our “Hope & Soap” series on YouTube!