Making Money Less Awkward

Walt Quick
Aug 03, 2019

Today people would rather talk about any other intimate subject than how they handle their finances. What is it about money that makes it so awkward to talk about? The reality is that money is spiritual, and money is powerful. And it is only by understanding how we relate to money that we can steward it as followers of Jesus, instead of letting it hinder our following Jesus. 

On August 4th, I preached a sermon on Mark 10:17-27, and the command that Jesus gave a rich man to "sell everything... and follow me." Below are a list of reflection questions I listed in that sermon. I encourage you to spend some time with them, and then to discuss them with a trusted friend, your spouse, or someone else who can help you take steps to grow in this area.

  • What feelings come up for you on the subject of money? Fear, confusion, embarrassment, anger, desire, contentment? Something else? Name as best you can the reasons for those emotions.

  • How much of your time, energy, and attention gets consumed with matters related to money? 

  • What impact does money have on your relationship with God? On your relationship with others?

  • What motivates your spending when it comes to luxuries or other indulgences? Is it moderately celebrating God’s good gifts, or an attachment to status, or a demand for comfort? Something else? 

  • If Jesus told you that following Him would require relinquishing most of your money and possessions, how would you react? What would make it difficult to do this?

  • Often money can become a source of security and self-worth. How could you receive these things from God instead of money?

  • What would you need to let go of to create more margin for generosity? For simplicity?

For some practical resoures on budgeting and financial management, as well as more Biblical reflection, I highly recommend God and Money by Greg Baumer and John Cortines. Greg is a former Highrocker who met John at Harvard Business School, and they have put together some great wisdom for the church.