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Sunday at 1:30pm

And stay for a light snack and drink outdoors immediately after service!

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Highrock Cambridge Worship Service

Worship with us on Sundays @ 1:30pm in Swdenborg Chapel.

Highrock Highlights

Sermon Series: Warning Signs: Lessons So We Don't Lose Our Way (Lent 2023)
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Lent Sermon Series - Warning Signs

Join us as we reflect on Jesus's journey to the cross as recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

Sunset of pink clouds on a blue sky with light streaming through
Holy Week at Highrock 2023

Join us for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday Worship

Celebrate Easter Sunday with us!

Being Church on a background of multicolored paints and brushes
Being Church

How can we be a Christian community in a time of growing divisions?

Upcoming Events

March 30
7:45 pm

Journey through the history of Asian America together.

April 2
1:30 pm

Worship with us on Sundays @ 1:30pm in Swdenborg Chapel.

April 6
(All day)

Host a dinner in your home, or attend one at Highrock Cambridge to remember Jesus' Last Supper.